Angle Grinder Bush Hammer Scratching Roller For Creating Scratching Finish

This BHR7 bush hammer roller is simply used on Angle Grinders, for creating different comma finishes on Marble or Limestones, like the inline comma, crossing comma and comma 45°. This tool can be simp

  • Item Number: BHR8
  • Product Type: Bush Hammer Roller for Angle Grinders
  • Product Size:
  • Roller Size: D87mm×L160mm(total length)
  • Line Width: 2.5mm/5mm
  • Carbide Details: Square type carbide, 42 pieces
  • Connection: M14
  • Applied Machine: Angle grinders
  • Applied Material: Creating scratching finish marble, limestones, etc.
  • Net Weight: 4.4kg

BHR8 bush hammer scratching roller is another bush hammer tool sunny developed for creating scratching finishes on marble, limestone or other fost stones. It is designed to be used on angle grinders and very easy to be operated. The carbide we adopted is square type and each corner (total of 4 corners) can be utilized by easily change the corner. This bush hammer tool is better for scratching marble, limestone, and other soft stones. If you want to scratch hard stones like granite and sandstone, we recommend you to use our PCD type scratching rollers.   

  • High quality of YG8 tungsten carbide ensures its lifespan

  • A great bush hammer tool to scratch marble, limestone and other soft stones

  • Easy to be operated with a total weight of 8.4kg (with angle grinder)

  • The initial width between carbide head is 2.5mm, you can cancel some heads to make it for 5mm

  • We sell the square type carbide separately and you can buy some extra carbide for replacement

Product NameAngle Grinder Bush Hammer Scratching Roller For Creating Scratching Finish
Item NumberBHR8
Roller SizeD87mm×L160mm(total length)
Line Width2.5mm/5mm
Carbide DetailsSquare type carbide, 42 pieces
Applied Machine

Angle grinders

Applied MaterialCreating scratching finish on marble, limestones, etc.
Net Weight4.4kg
Total Weight 8.4kg (with angle grinder)

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